Music is the universal language understood by all people.

It opens hearts and minds......closes chapters........and instills hope

...most of all, it evokes the primal emotions shared by all of mankind.

Audio Logos & Jingles

Soundtracks & Theme Music

audio logos

An audio logo is the most recognizable part of an effective audio brand.The sound logo (or audio mnemonic) is one of the tools of sound branding, along with the jingle, brand music, and brand theme. A sound logo (or audio logo or sonic logo) is a short distinctive melody or other sequence of sound, mostly positioned at the beginning or ending of a commercial. It can be seen as the acoustic equivalent of a visual logo.

theme music

Music written specifically for radio programs, television programs, video games and movies. A catchy and memorable sonic ident played during the intro, opening credits and/or ending credits.


We write music that will encompass the emotion of any work, be it film, television, book, or video game highlighting key segments of the theme music or action


One of the most powerful branding tools available, jingles target younger and older demographics alike. Jingles are an American institution of sonic branding that you hear,every day,on the radio,tv & web. Jingles are a scientifically proven method of effectively generating brand recognition. A simple,catchy repetitive tune, coupled with a vivid branding image, will drive your message home while creating a memorable impression. Jingles work. Bring your brand into the age of the Sonic Sciences with a jingle written by our master composer with over 37 years in the business.

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