An expertly chosen dynamic music playlist coupled with a campaign of strategically placed professionally scripted messages and promos will give your brick and mortar visitors a superior customer experience while at your business by providing an atmosphere that is custom crafted by the experts at The On Hold Store to transition your clientele, by means of carefully analyzed demographic data, into a desired mind-set that is conducive to your business model's targeted action.

Our atmosphere expertise will be shared with you during your on-site consultation, giving you insight on exacting specifications for music choice that will achieve your business's desired ambiance. Once the proper environment is achieved, a campaign of messages, mini commercials, jingles, and skits can be produced that will make your information and your calls-to-action more effective while at the same time improving the 'customer experience' factor.

to sooth the savage breast


84% of U.S. consumers said hearing music in a store makes a shopping experience more enjoyable. Young shoppers like music even more: the figure jumps to 88% for those between 18-24, while 82% of that age group said they feel like they can better relate and connect to stores who play music.

Half of all U.S. shoppers said hearing music in a store “makes you feel more at ease,” while 77% said music makes waiting in line less dull.

Music is "a crucial ingredient" to improving a store’s atmosphere — and overall, atmosphere matters

One in five consumers around the world says they choose to shop in a physical store instead of online for the “enjoyable atmosphere,” while 37% of U.S. consumers said being in "the right mood" is the top driver of their impulse purchases.

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