CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE MULTIMEDIA SOLUTIONS FOR A                                                              DIVERSE WORLD

creating magic for a variety of industries


original custom music for commercials, promos, TV programs, trailers,
video games, news music packages, music for networks, television stations, film studios, film trailer houses,
program producers, promotion executives and advertising agencies


Choose from a wide variety of license free music or custom written music. We write and produce our music in-house  


 By and large,Four Out Of Five In-Store Shoppers want music to be a part of their in-store experience.

 Make your brand a memorable one. An audio logo is the most recognizable part of an effective audio brand

One of the most powerful branding tools available, Jingles are an American institution of sonic branding that you hear,every day,on the radio, tv & web.

We are masters at creating the appropriate audio atmosphere. It takes a critical ear  to blend and precisely tune music and sound effects into the proper balance.

The professionals at THE ON HOLD STORE know how to  harness the power
of music to create the moods or environments that meet your needs.


What's the difference?

In-house Studio

  • Gives us complete quality control, quicker turnaround times as needed, consistent voice talent and more flexibility.

Project Management

  •  We do it all! Once our clients have helped us identify the topics, we do the writing, editing, music selection, voice selection, and the final production of the program.

We offer something for every business.

  • A full service production company with a reputation for creating award-winning results

Brick and Mortar Music

  • Simply let us know the atmosphere you’d like to create in your store and allow us to help you choose the ideal playlist. When your customers aren’t hearing messages about your latest sales or products, they’re treated to soothing or energizing music while they’re shopping.