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All budgeted up with nowhere to go?


If you are looking down the barrel of a loaded project and need to deliver, not
only on budget, ..but "state of the art", on a budget, you are no doubt
wondering if there is such a thing and if your  new department head is playing
a cruel joke on you.
 Chances are,..he/she is.
 Let us turn the tables in your favor

At SOUND MIND STUDIO's Commercial Audio Production Facility, we're here to ensure that our clients gain a marketing advantage by putting together effective radio, TV and film productions that are unique and powerful marketing tools.

  • Signature Sound                                                                               We offer creative radio, TV and film production services that ensure our clients have that special "sound" that will set them apart from the competition.                                                                                                               
  • Quick turn-around

    that will bring your on-air presence to the next level in no time.

  • World-Class Voice Talent

    We have world-class voice talent for all of your ad campaigns and productions. Whether it be for animated features, radio or TV commercials that need that special vocal delivery, or the vast world of on-line or retail video games, we have the professional voices that can bring your characters to life!                                 
  • Voice Modeling™ 

    We are proud to be the innovators of cutting edge Voice Modeling™ technology. 


commercial audio

Voice-Overs/ADR | Sound Design | Original music

Live Performance/Webcasts | Audio For Live Broadcast

Podcasts | Sound To Picture | Multi-Lingual Content

| Messages On Hold | In-store Media

creative development

from concept to completion

Script Writing | Video editing

Directing/Producing | Dialog Replacement | Graphic Design

Talent Casting 

educational/training videos

  educational/training videos 

corporate videos | 

   media production for websites


   Myriad, variable factors are involved with the success of any production project.
  Making it all come together as an art form is a skill that most in this profession, can only claim to do.
 More often than not, these are hollow claims at best.
 Worse yet, good people every day only find this informational morsel out after the project funding is  spent. It's as sticky a situation as they come.
   You might be lucky enough to find a producer that can play a studio like a vintage Bavarian violin (LIKE   HERE, FOR INSTANCE) but to come upon a composer of REAL MERIT,...is a rare gem, indeed.
 So, why would anyone ever look any further than SOUND MIND STUDIO ?
                                                       ....to gloat, of course.

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